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New album revision War of Wars OST coming December 1, 2017

Introducing my latest classical concept album featuring original samples and orchestrations. 38-40 minutes of epic music utilizing signature quality sounds and textures. Get it now. In case you don't know, the new album I've been promoting is coming out in a few days....

Stocks and the great eye.

Just on, saw the death tole of the Hurricane Harvey. Prayers go out to the victims. I made some time putting landscape background images for use in film backgrounds or desktop wallpapers. Right now it's set to pre order and come out in a few days. And it's free. Pre...

New design, sort of

Introducing version 2.5 - I am making it better as time passes and so far things seem stable. Right now the store is the main priority, and then getting SSL working right. I bought a camera to record me working on something from day one as a behind the scenes set of...

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