Just on, saw the death tole of the Hurricane Harvey. Prayers go out to the victims.

I made some time putting landscape background images for use in film backgrounds or desktop wallpapers. Right now it’s set to pre order and come out in a few days. And it’s free. Pre order now!

The studio has shaped up over the years into a mini man cave.. I had the idea going for a new 4k camera, but using it never came to past. It’s still there, but I get tied up too much…

I’ve been busy playing on old projects and working at my job running a carpet cleaning company. The cleaner itself took a tole financially, but I needed (and still need) the money to run this and make it work.

However getting out goes..I didn’t take pics this summer much, but I am getting out and still learning/composing film music….oh and still putting out content.

I mostly drove the boat around the lake this year …..and I’ve been saving money for going back to school.

I’m getting tickets to see one of my favorite bands play at the zoo! I can’t wait!

So for the most part, I’m happy and I love working and I love playing music & being creative.

I’m still trying to beat Horizon Zero Dawn .. it’s a great game.

And …until next time. Peace.