It’s that time of the year again.. I’ve been taking out the boat and playing with my Go Pro these days. I’ve been mostly playing with subject matter similar to various shows on TV. I’ve also been re mixing the War of Wars soundtrack, and so far it’s mostly sounding much better.

I still need to get a quick computer RAM upgrade before I can finish it. The instruments chew a lot of it out and the goal is to never worry about having too many tracks.

I’m not settling for putting out music until it meets every requirement, so that sometimes means waiting a long while. I have plans for a next project… it’s designed so I can go back to my roots of digital art, and try to compose what it may sound like.

I’ll be putting out a few videos, short documentary style vids on the projects that’s going on now at this moment featuring a few behind the scenes stuff.

Stay tuned for a newsletter that will come out in your email inbox…the “insider scoop” on things. And look for a new matte painting artwork coming soon as well from the War of Wars project.