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Jesse Pringle

Jesse Pringle

Composer, Editor, Designer, Artist, Musician, Webmaster, aspiring Dj and aspiring Film Maker

Jesse Lee Don Pringle (Jesse Pringle, Jesse L. Pringle, and floydier) is a self-taught musician who’s experienced with music composition and digital art mediums. He aims to deliver his best results to his clients and collaborators. He made an account at using “floydier” as an alias. It came from the Pink Floyd and boredom therefore making it random so he ran with it..

Check out my on-going art gallery. It has old and new designs and concepts made mostly in Vue e-on software and Photoshop. Over 17 years of trial and error. Not one was made unless I had put a lot of hours into it.

Stories, art, and music

Music inspired by film

Music is just one of the things Jesse creates. Sometimes he'll do entire film projects with art for youtube, or vimeo, ect, to help promote the music that goes along with it.

Let’s Build Something

Send Jesse something and collaborate with him. He’s a composer for hire. Do you need a custom painting? Ask!