floydier / Music Composer | Digital Artist

This site can be best described as a holding gallery of music and art by floydier aka Jesse Lee Don Pringle. We plan on bringing in a store and a few free tracks here and there so you can use them in videos.

What we offer?

Quality music. Not only digital artwork, free backgrounds and wallpapers, but premium music. If you are into thematic and unique orchestra, classical, soundtracks, or music with no words… look no further! It’s on-going and affordable.

The Studio News Vol II

Studio News I’m adding a video game and movie media section that includes walkthroughs, game and movie trailers, and my own reviews linked from the front page. “gaming.floydier.com” (not registered yet) Also a community feedback forum for art / media...
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War of Wars – Making of 02

So I’m going to talk about mostly on the sound and characters. So far, it’s divided into an album to be published. Musically, it’s epic. Mainly cues, stems and the hooda hawda mumbo jumbo talk of film scoring will be taken from the main themes to...
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Jesse brings “War of Wars” which is a full length cinematic music project that uses Vue CG film animations to help tell it’s story of fictional Greek mythology.

Coming November 6th, 2016!